The Currant of Life

So here we are, in our eleventh year, embarking again on the riveting journey of the Walpole Film Festival. A new crew is born: Currant. Descending from the ranks of last year’s Horned Melon crew, Jess McNamara and myself, Phil Reidy, are once again delving into the world of psycho-thriller cinematography as co-directors. We are joined this year by grizzled veteran Chris Barajas, a highly skilled editor and confirmed hipster. We have some major league first time crew members this year too. Brendan Sullivan (assistant-director or assistant-to-the director?) carries on the legacy of his brother Tim, identifying the most obscure rap music and scoring us some major pointage in the Trivs arena. Beth Toussaint is drawing some ridiculously awesome sketches for art direction. Kevin Delaney, a man of few words, but many ideas, drops creativity like it’s his job. All in all, the crew this year doesn’t just look promising; it looks unbelievably amazing. Rolling in at second in MusicTrivs already and operating at 100% efficiency, we’re a force to be reckoned with. Our film ain’t too shabby either. The name of our film this year is “The Door”, a psychological thriller about a boy who enters another realm to investigate a mystery he may or may not be seeing. It’s a script written over the summer by Chris and myself, featuring Brad Pitt as a sensitive teen on a journey for self-realization and Julia Roberts as the zany yet ultimately enlightening math teacher. Just kidding, but we have cast Mike Van Derlinden, the Dutch Crutch, a junior and a first-time actor, as Will, our main character, as well as Marc Sheehan, a sophomore as well as an experienced actor who played a role in R.T. Hardiman’s Finals Day, as Eric, Will’s friend. I’m pumped, to say the least. I want to make a shout out to Bino, Wolf Dengus, Maloney, Jenny Hunt, and Mike Hebner- the Horned Melon crew. We’ll keep updating by the week, so stay tuned to keep up with the process. Fin.