Happy Holidays!

Photo 224Hello all!

We are spending the last week before break being very productive and finishing up our storyboards. Once we return after the holidays we will begin filming, which is so exciting! We had an art direction meeting today and we’re really glad to have a great team with Steph, Cat, and Beth in charge. We are also pleased to announce our new alliance with Jackfruit Crew, after their rivaled fruit war with the Plum Fairies. Pretty much we’re just excited for the holiday season, because despite the gifts that this season will bring, it also brings the promise of filming right around the corner!

Happy Holidays from Currant Crew! Same sweaters as last year!!



Hi everyone! It’s Chris Barajas, co-director of the wonderful motion picture known as The Door.  We started off this week by scheduling our art direction meeting with Mrs. Kerr and we are making progress on storyboarding our first few scenes.  Beth has finished up some awesome mood maps for each of our characters.  I am continuing my war against the Wombat crew, specifically John Barry, who is currently hiding away in an actor’s workshop.  The crew has some homework this weekend. We’re watching a few movies this week to get some creative ideas. Donnie Darko and Children of Men are on the list. Yeah!


Andrea had a Baby!?!

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Hey Everyone! It’s Jess (a.k.a jmac) blogging to update you on the current happenings of the Currant crew. We’re making our way through pre-production right now at a steady pace. We just finished up our shot lists and the rest of the crew is storyboarding at this very moment. We’re working hard to fully prepare ourselves for making The Door, and making sure we’re totally ready. Also, we are currently in second in music trivs, right behind Avocado just by two points. AND, we were the first crew of this year to be in the fruit nest! Take that, Cado! So as I’m sure you can tell we are killin’ it right now as far as film goes. We cast Mikey Van der Linden, Marc Sheehan, and Rachel Spang as the key roles in our movie recently, which we’re really excited about. They’re all really talented and we can’t wait to work with them. Speaking of talented, we ALSO just brought on Steph Barmakian (year 10 best art direction winner) as our head art director along with Cat Murphy for assistance. AND while we’re on the topic of talented people, it has just been decided that we will have Maria Earabino for music, which is great news. So to sum it up in a single blog, we’re wicked excited for this movie (hah, WICKED man). Follow currantcrew on twitter and we’ll be back next week with more updates!

News From The Door

Hello everybody! More news from the crew of The Door. We have just finished the vision and are moving quickly through the pre-production process. Also we have made a few revisions to the end of the script which Phil’s ingenious mind has created. They are flawless and sterling. The rest of the crew appears to be excited for the new changes and Jess is tweeting updates constantly. We have just finished the contact sheet, so everyone’s schedule and contact information is now available to us. Chris has waged a war against The Wombat crew which has resulted in massive casualties on both sides. A wall has also been put up dividing the computer lab so that the film students are not bothered or interrupted by other classes. Beth has also continuously shown her proficiency in art direction and has draw up many of the character’s outfits and props. Me and B-Sull are both enthusiastic and invaluable during music trivs and can even on rare occasions beat Phil to naming a song. Currently the Currant crew is engaged in a thumb tack war with the other crews as there is a shortage and rationing has occurred. We have added Rachel Spang and Jeff the Janitor as members of The Door crew. Aside from all this, Phil has also just finished and color coded the list of scenes, by day and by actors required. Currant is working hard on pre-pro and we’ll be back next week with more updates!