Makin’ Progess en la puerta

Hello readers and blog fanatics, Chris here to say that Currant has been hard at work lately filming many scenes and making progress towards our final product which is due on April 11th.  We recently finished some scenes at Jimmy Martin’s house and are going to be shooting over the long weekend.  We plan on having a crew bonfire Friday night at my house to get some top secret scenes done and cooking some smores while we’re at it.  After we get this scene done we only have a few left to shoot, each of which are very simple and can be done in a short amount of time.  We then will begin editing and other such post production tasks including the addition of some special effects to certain scenes, using our new adobe premiere pro software which has already proved very useful to some of the other crews.   Image

Still Truckin’

Happy Friday! Phil here, out of Germany and back into the film-fray. We’ve actually begun to get Mikey’s insane schedule in line, and filming is going a lot more smoothly. We’re still a work in progress, but I’m confident things will turn out well. Recently, we’ve filmed a few more scenes in the high school with Mikey, and Mikey St. Martin (the confusion is ridiculous), and the young protege (St. Martin, of course) has been phenomenal.

We’re filming a LOT this weekend, including all of our forest and night scenes. We’ll be pretty busy.

The Currant is strong with the young padawan St. Martin, and he’s the second youngest-looking on our crew (Dutch Crutch being the first). He’ll be with us for crunch-day on Saturday, and we’re overjoyed to have him on our crew.

Our music trivs points received a sudden boost of 11 points yesterday with the strength of a newly unified Currant crew. If you haven’t heard, a glorious dispute over chairs with the Wombat Crew gained us a decisive victory against our neighbors to the West. John “No Pride” Barry failed to take a chair from our crew. Sullivan-who-will-not-be-named has defected to the Kiwi crew, and he has received the eternal shunning of our crew.

Well, that’ll be all for this week, we’ll be making some heavy progress this weekend I’m excited to say, and we’ll post the results next week! Straight-up now tell us you’re gonna love us forever. CC OUT.

Spring is here!

Hi everyone, 

It’s Jess here to update you on The Door. Now that Phil is back from Germany we have been filming with Mikey after school as much as we can before spring starts. Although we’ve had some unexpected snow days recently, we’re doing pretty well with rearranging our schedule to get the rest of this movie done. This week Phil plans on filming Mikey’s bus ride before school, and with the weather looking better we’ll be able to film the few outdoor scenes we have soon. So that’s pretty exciting.

We haven’t played much trivs since vacation but we’re still pretty high up on the rank. I will confirm that everything Alan said in the buzz about me stealing points from other teams is 100% true. We’re really excited to just get this movie done and for the actual festival, which will be soon enough. On Friday we’re going to find out when our movie is do, which is nerve wracking to say the least. 

There’s supposed to be another paragraph here but I’m not going to write it because we are very busy and have a lot to do.


We’ll be back with more updates next week!